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Automobile mould design considerations date:2014-08-30 13:03 Click:

Design features: small convex die a. A must design and the molding part one, the surrounding does not allow connection trace; with a small convex mold thickness should be considered after the drop surface processing volume, thickness is large enough; small raised below and try not to design water, consider replacing; mold surface water from the surface height should be considered after the drop surface treatment. B. must have enough cooling device.   C., die to have mutual fine positioning apparatus.   D. slant and slide block should be water, cooling water can be designed in the ejector plate or a movable mould seat plate. When necessary, can also be designed at the parting surface.   e. in order to reduce the mold volume, the guide post and the guide sleeve is designed into the square, into the 10 degree angle; must be designed helicopter precise positioning at the same time. F. ejection and rollback should use cylinder. G. mold and molding mold design as a whole.   h. gating system using hot runner, multiple gating and the design of sequence valve control. I. ejector must band tozzi.   J. inclined roof materials and molding mold material has the difference, in order to prevent the interference produced in motion. Die K. with cylinder end should be designed to protect column, beyond the highest point of cylinder. Screw L. cylinder itself shall not exceed the height of the mold parting surface height, to avoid damage to the oil cylinder.   M. all large mold to make dermatoglyphics of upper and lower mold material should use the same ingot, including the type of slant and slide, choose P20, the nickel content is about 1%, the common P20R HRC hardness of 29 - 33, high hardness of P20 HRC hardness value is 34 to 38; processing of       2  must be material stress relieving treatment, stress temperature below the tempering temperature, at about 55 ℃; roughly molded parts: rough machining allowance < 2mm, semi finishing < 0.4mm < 0.05mm, semi finish machining.

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