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  • How to overcome the edge of product spilled material? Product spills caused by mold defects often, other reasons: greater clamping force of injection force, material temperature is too high, Inadequate exhaust, feeding excess, dip the mold, such as foreign bodies. ⑪ die problem: ①Closure o...MORE+
  • How many different plastic parts damage will have after inje Following bad flaw: Injection discontent, and SAG, and fusion sewing, and material flow lines, and gloss bad, and stomatal, and black spots, and spill side, and Alice song deformation, and silver paper, and release bad, and cloud, and punch...MORE+
  • how to control the damage when the plastic parts painting? in our experience, when the plastic parts need second treatment, such as painting, electroplating and UV . such as painting, at this year, we produced a whole lot of ABS plastic parts for DS car. they need painting at two types, one type nee...MORE+
  • how to design the mold dimension? usually we will calcualte the 3d dimension of the goods at pro/e or UG 3D software, then will recording the dimension to choose suitable mold base, then decide the structure of the mold. use cold runner or hot runner, then will finally have...MORE+
  • what's the main problem that intend to shrinkage and warp? beacuse there are some plastic material not cold at same time after the products from the injection molding machine. so it will made some surface or side have shrinkage and warp....MORE+
  • which hot runner usually used at SML? SML is usually use YUDO and Master hot runner, because those two brands have wide service points....MORE+
  • how to improve the PP plastic injection parts made the warp? now SML is produce a molds for a egypt customer. as the PP products size too big: 400*400*200mm and because the structure problems, made the products have a warp at around sides. please check the below pictures, we improved by a wooden simp...MORE+
  • What is the double injection mold structure principle? TwoCoreplatealltotallysame,plasticpartscandotwocolor....MORE+
  • How the product surface grain happens? Productsurfacegrain,professionaltermismoldtexture,itsusemedicalwatercorrodemoldcoreandcavityplates...MORE+
  • ABS module products how to improve the shrinkage? ABS parts we are produced now have three clips at the inner side, have some different thickness made a shrinkag now we add a long hot nozzle to improve this problems, if you are interesed in this products, please free to contact me. jason x...MORE+
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